Bill Glass, Jr.

"I work with clay but not to totally dominate it, letting its spirit coincide with mine.  I am still amazed when I open up the kiln to see what the bond between the clay and myself has created."

Eye of War, Demos Glass

26" x 24" x 8"

Middle Realm, BOK Center

Tulsa, OK 2008

A Touch to Above, AICCM

Oklahoma City, OK 2010

Turtle Island Migration, Cherokee Nation History Museum, Stairwell Corridor

Tahlequah, OK 2019

Demos Glass is a member of the Cherokee Nation. He attended Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, Illinois.  Demos specializes in mixed media sculpture, decorative containers, and jewelry.  He uses sterling silver and other non-ferrous metals, steel, stainless steel, wood, shell, clay, and stone. He was awarded Cherokee Nation Living Treasure Artist.

Bill Glass, Jr. is a member of the Cherokee Nation, who awarded him the title as a Living Treasure Artist in 2009.  He attended Central State University in Edmond, OK and the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Bill specializes in ceramic sculpture and pottery.  He also collaborates with his son, Demos, in welded steel and ceramics.  In addition, he is an art designer for commissioned monumental works.

Demos Glass

"Through the relationships that I embrace, between ancient American and the present, I am inspired to create contemporary forms that represent my  cultural artistic identity.  The technical challenges of mixed media allow me to create interaction among different materials working together as one.

The Healer, Bill Glass Jr. 

4' x 4' x 3 1/2'

Glass Studio

Bill Glass, Jr. and Demos Glass - Artists